Saturday, October 11, 2008

Collection Development Policy

The following was an assignment for a Collection Development Policy.

Santherby Elementary School Library

Collection Development Policy

Introduction: This Collection Development Policy reflects the needs of the students and staff at Santherby Elementary School. We serve a student population of 580 students residing in the south eastern area of Welltown, Texas. Most students come from middle to lower income families with approximately 35% of our students qualifying for free/reduced lunch. Our library contains 10 computers equipped with 17 educational databases and limited internet access, approximately 3,500 non-fiction titles and 5,500 fiction titles comprise the collection. We also have a selection of audio-visual material appropriate for a range of ages and interests.

Mission: The Santherby School Library Mission is to ensure that students and staff are lifelong learners, readers, and effective users of technology and ideas enabling them to be productive members of society. This complements and supports the Wishwell Independent School Districts mission statement to prepare all students to become lifelong learners who are productive, responsible, and participating members of society.

Objective: The Santherby School Library Media Specialists strive to provide students with age and developmentally appropriate materials for educational and recreational purposes in order to reach their full potential by exploring the widest opportunities possible. The collection will reflect the library mission and support the curriculum by providing materials for both staff and students in the content of each grade level. Library media specialists will work cooperatively with administration and teachers to provide resources which represent diverse points of view, stimulate critical thinking, and promote educational goals.

Selection Policy & Priorities: Book purchase recommendations may be made by staff, parents, and students. Final decisions will be made by the Library Committee after consulting with purchasing resources about content, availability, and cost. School library media specialists, administration, teachers, and community members comprise the committee. The core collection should contain a diverse range of material reflecting truth and art. It should meet the needs of many different learning styles. It should reflect different points of view to promote critical thinking and provide relevant information for the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills examinations.

Selection Criteria:
  • Is the material age/developmentally appropriate for our students?
  • Is the material timely, or will it be outdated in a short period of time?
  • Is the material pertinent to the curriculum and the objectives of the instructional program?
  • Does it fill an area in which there is a deficit of material?
  • Is it appropriate for a diverse student population?
  • Is the content accurate and does it thoroughly represent its subject?
  • Does the material represent differing viewpoints?
  • Is the material visually pleasing and readable?
  • Are the illustrations supportive of the text?
  • Is it a well known or award winning author?
Collection Maintenance:
  • Materials that are disfigured beyond repair will be discarded.
  • Materials that are outdated or obsolete will be removed from the collection.
  • Materials that are age/developmentally inappropriate will be removed.

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