Friday, December 3, 2010

Books on Hold

Before Thanksgiving break, I showed my 3rd - 5th graders how to put a book on hold. There were certain rules they needed to follow in order to do this. I expected upon returning from a whole week off that I would need to review the steps. I was surprised to notice that 4 students had placed a book on hold, 3 of them successfully. When I called the students to come to the library to pick up their books, some of them were so excited that they half ran to me. Now, these 3 are my experts in these classes and I intend on finding at least one expert in each class.

*Putting a book on hold means that the student who places the hold will receive the book next when it is checked in. A pop-up message comes up if another student tries to check it out.

Book Ordering

I have a library committee that consists of one representative from each grade level and a volunteer parent. Anyone can join us at committee meetings, if time permits. Because this is my first year as a librarian, I am apprehensive about my first order. I have been getting to know the collection and what students' reading choices are these first few months. So I do have some idea of what books to order, but I would like some input. I sent out an email to my library committee members to talk to their grade level and create some suggestions. I asked for titles, topics, reading levels, and/ or genres that they would like to see in the library. I also asked that teachers ask their students if they have any requests. Hopefully I will receive responses from all grade levels by next Friday.