Thursday, June 12, 2008

Library Podcast

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Podcast Name: Notes From The Electronic Cottage 6/12/08 by Jim Campbell

Topic: These days we hear that the Internet is killing libraries. That would be a surprise to the hundreds of thousands of Mainers who find that today's libraries are both "brick" and "click," both physical spaces and gateways to the cyber world of information, including information we would have to pay for if we tried to access it ourselves.

I chose this podcast because it gives a great example of how libraries and librarians are changing to meet today's society.  In a technologically driven society, the state of Maine is adapting its libraries. Almost every library has high speed internet and other digital services. This not only includes elementary school libraries, but university and public libraries as well. Services (I didn't think of) like a subscription to a medical journal where you can look up and print an article that you would otherwise be charged for.  You can also receive assistance when searching for information, the correct information. As Jim Campbell puts it, "Libraries can help us get access to loads of information. Librarians can help us make sense of it." Well put!!

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