Friday, July 11, 2008

Building Block Search Strategy

This is a Building Block search strategy. It starts with single concept searches that usually result in a very large number of hits. When all of the single concept searches are completed, they are combined using Boolean operators. This narrows the topic and reduces the number of hits.

Database Used:  ERIC/FirstSearch

Search Topic:  Changing Role of the Elementary School Librarian

Concept search #1:  (role change) OR (position change)
Results = 30,155 hits

Concept search #2:  school OR (elementary school) OR (primary school)
Results = 403,506 hits

Concept search #3:  librarian OR (media specialist)
Results = 5,353 hits

Combined concept searches:  S1 AND S2 AND S3
Results = 102 hits

After the combined searches were completed, the first hit yielded a match. This article discusses how library media specialists can be partners in student achievement.

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