Sunday, July 13, 2008

Citation Pearl Growing Search Strategy

Citation pearl begins with a known item. When you look up the item you use the index or search terms from it to search and locate more items like the one that you have. I began with a journal article that I had found during a previous search.

Database Used:  Academic Search Complete

Topic:  Everyone Wins: Differentiation in the School Library by Carol Koechlin & Sandi Zwaan

Found article

Even though on this database you can click on Find More Like This, I needed to continue my search using the given strategy. To continue my search for more articles, I clicked on the last of the subject terms given, libraries & education.

Libraries & education search = 509 hits

This gave me a number of hits to look through, but I didn't need to look very far. On the first page, the tenth hit was an article on librarians as reading teachers.

Are Librarians Reading Teachers Too?

This hit gave a whole new set of subject terms that I could click on and continue looking for more articles. I would use this strategy again. This is a great strategy to use when you have some information and just need a little bit more. It saves time from starting the search from the very beginning.

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