Saturday, July 12, 2008

Successive Fractions Search Strategy

This is a Successive Fractions search strategy. This strategy is used when searching broad concepts with a large number of hits. It narrows the search by applying limiting techniques like Boolean operators. This is done step-by-step until the search is reduced to a manageable number of hits.

Database Used:  Library Literature

Search Topic:  Changing Role of the Elementary School Librarian

Concept search #1:  elementary school
Results:  1,922 hits

Concept search #2: S1 AND role change OR position change
Results:  6 hits

Concept search #3:  S2 AND librarian OR media specialist
Results:  4 hits

I was surprised at how quickly my search results were narrowed. Unfortunately, I ended up with only 4 hits of which only 1 was relevant to what I was looking for. I need to go back and revise my concepts.

Fourth Hit:  The Changed Role of the Elementary Library Media Teacher

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