Sunday, July 13, 2008

Specific Facet First Strategy

Specific facet first strategy uses the most specific facet to do your search. If you don't know which is your most specific facet, you can search your facets individually to get it.

Database Used:  LexisNexis Academic

Search Topic: Changing Role of the Elementary School Librarian

changing role = 998 hits
elementary school = 997 hits
librarian = 1,000 hits
My facets were very close, but I chose elementary school to start with.

Search #1:  elementary school = 997 hits

These were too many hits to look through and I wanted to narrow my results. I went the route of successive fractions. Within my results I added my next specific facet, changing role. The results were "No documents found". I went back and tried my last facet, librarian.

Search #3: S1 and librarian = 21 hits

The third hit looked very interesting. It was an article from The Washington Post.

Third Hit:  School Libraries Make Room to Learn; Multimillion-Dollar Investment Promises     Better Books, Computers, Appearance

I liked this strategy to search with, but I need practice to come up with my most specific facets. Since I don't know which facet would be the most specific, I need to look them up first and that takes up valuable research time. I feel I would get more use out of successive fractions than with this strategy. 

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